Never walked alone,
Since you came into my life,
My partner; my defender;
Always waiting,
For me to return,
Never judgmental,
Accepting me as I am,
My flaws;
My strengths.

When you reach out,
Two hearts connect,
Faithful and true to each other,
To the last beat of your heart,
Cravin’ for my touch,
That you feel with your soul,
The days are brighter,
It’s all wags and shakes,
Wet noses and love all the way.

Boundlessly energetic love,
Your footprints,
Are visible all over my heart,
You are GOD spelled backwards,
I trust you to guard
My house and belongings,
But with my sandwich,
I’d rather not take any chances.

My Companion,
My Compadre,
Cheers to our,
For.., the more people I meet,
The more I tend to value you,
I promise to be,
Of your love and devotion.


Originally posted by Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, on


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