Destiny’s Children

JW(black), Simba, Snowbell

Orphaned pups they would have died painfully under that gypsy’s tyre and by the maggot wounds and dog bites. A lone kitten, he wouldn’t have lasted a month without his mother. If his mother wouldn’t have died then he would have been given up for adoption. If this little owlet was not stumbled upon by mistake he would have been a cat’s dinner. Last but not the least if this mauled cat had not found shelter he would have died of hunger and septic wounds like all others.

What is it that common between them all?

They are all destiny’s children who I happen to know and whom I’ve had the good fortune to look after. I’m sure thankful to God to have given me these opportunities to serve him better. The orphaned pup is my darling ‘Sheroo’, now 6yrs old  (2nd runner up of PETA title Cutest Indian Dog Alive.) The pup… ‘Tiger’, with maggot wounds and dog bites was treated, fostered and then adopted by a loving couple. He’s now a 6 months old handsome boy. The lone kitten ‘Snowbell’  grew up to be a handsome cat, got a home and a partner.  ‘JW’ bagged the Alpha dog position in the house after his mother died of septicemia, and is the eldest in the family of Three dogs at 7ys with Sheroo being the youngest. The little raptor, the owlet named ‘Tuk-Tuk’  learnt to fly with daily lessons and flew away in the night sky only to return as a free bird and live on my window’s parapet. He would often fly low, then perch himself on nearby bushes looking intently at us when we took my dogs out for night stroll. The mauled and dying cat now christened ‘Meow’ is under treatment and lives in my campus with a chair dedicated to him and is comfortable with my dogs (who know that this cat is not to be chased away).


There are many people out there restoring my faith in humanity and I guess they are feared by the society and are branded crazy. Crazy for having a soft spot for the destitute animals. Crazy for caring when you’ll get nothing back in return. Crazy for being responsible. And…. Crazy for being an animal lover. But one thing is certain…. Our souls are safe, and haven’t surrendered to Satan yet.

Destiny gives us many opportunities to serve God. We don’t need mandirs and any form of prayer houses to find God and serve him. All we need is a watchful eye, a compassionate heart and will to help without waiting for someone else to do it for us. All we need to do is to spend some money to get them to the vet and get them treated and believe me, you’ll never have to think where your next bread will come from. It’s already been taken care of. There plenty where every penny comes from… and, the coffers open up only to those who care to step forward and serve with a pure soul.


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