Bringing Up Sheroo

Rhishabh(my son) me & Sheroo
My darling Sheroo
Come.... Let's roll in the grass....

It’s been 6 fruitful years or love, trust, tolerance and companionship. I had found Sheroo on the mall road, when he was almost run over by a gypsy. Fearing that he might not survive another day on the streets… I got him home where he was welcomed by my kids and my other two furry buddies, JW & Simba. He grew up eating what they did…. Pedigree and liver/chicken chunks. But being my desi boy, chapatti and milk is still his favorite… specially on days when he refuses food or feels too hot to eat anything else.

Almost Lost Him
This happened when he was 4yrs old. He was suffering from tick fever. Iot was 9pm when I took him out to relieve himself, and he just collapsed on the road. I had to lift him up in my arms and walk back home. On checking his fever found that it had aggravated to 105.5 degree. Without wasting any timei put ice packs on his head and called my vet whose answer stunned me as she refused to see him because it was getting late she was tired. Not knowing what to do, tears streaming down uncontrollably, I tried Just Dial and found the no of Dr A K Chaurasia. On explaining him the situation he agreed to come home to look him up. After that he stayed on till 1:30am till my sheroo was out of danger.

All throughout his life till now sheroo has seen 3 transfers…. But a promise made is a promise kept. In his span of 6yrs of life he has already seen four transfers. Nasirabad (district. Ajmer), Hyderabad, Assam & Allahabad. Never did abandoning him ever cross our mind (not even when he accidentally bit me in the mouth tearing my lips, and me getting 5 stitches) If only we could all be a little faithful to our pooches as they are to us, commitment to them will never be an issue. The only problem today I have is a transferable job of my husband and space constriction. Had it not been for these two problems I would have adopted as many desi boys as I could have. But there is one way I do make up for it… and that is by supporting PETA, FRIENDICOS, WFA, WILDLIFE SOS etc. That’s the least I can do… offer monetary support so that they can help more desis.

PETA Contest
Cutest Indian desi dog alive contest was the best that could have happened for my darling bachcha. On an impulse I sent Sheroo’s entry, and was pleasantly surprised when he made it to the top 10 finalists. With leading newspapers like TOI, HT publishing his story  my baby had become a hero…. Suddenly my underdog was a hero of Allahabad. And clinching the second runners up position was like icing on the cake. Our pooches are known by our names but, here I was known as Sheroo’s mom… wow. Nothing could have been better than this…!!




His doggy t-shirt and certificate

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