My youngest son ‘Sheroo’ (he is a rescued stray indie). He came 3rd in the PETA Cutest Indian Dog Alive Contest.


Hi all,

Let me begin by thanking all of my wonderful blogger friends for their love and support in making atrangizindagieksafar a success. I could not have come this far alone… and I’m sure that I’ll grow with you all as you grow.

My this blog site, purrfectpawsomefurrytales, I had created for my furry buddies… but as luck would have it I somehow got distracted and forgot all about it. So now I am working on it again and have breathed new life into it.

Other than articles, stories, poetry I shall be hosting Fortnightly Challenge (highlights on animals) and Monthly Challenge (highlights on nature) and loads of other things related to nature and animals….

Need your same love and support that you have so graciously showered on atrangizindagieksafar for purrfectpawsomefurrytales.